In Regard to the State of My Gender

In Which I Am Shot Down

  • *is delivering pizzas and coincidentally gets stuck waiting in a security lobby with another driver from a different chain who is incidentally an incredibly cute boy*
  • Cute Boy: Oh, hello!
  • Me: Hi hi!
  • Cute Boy: So, do you like working at your place?
  • Me: *flirty mode activated*
  • Me: Ah, it's all right. You guys get cooler hats. But to be honest, we don't have any drivers nearly as cute as you.
  • Cute Boy: *is blushing*
  • Cute Boy: Ah! Aw, thank you! But ah... sorry, I'm um... I'm not gay.
  • Me: I'm.... not a guy.
  • Cute Boy: *stares in silence*
  • Me: *stares in silence*
  • Cute Boy: *stares in silence*
  • Me: *stares in silence*
  • The Most Awkward Moment Ever: Hello.

  1. liebehindthetruth said: This is right before you set him on fire; right?
  2. somethingtodowithtomorrow said: he just doesnt understand its not his fault just educate him an see were things go :)
  3. nny-kun said: Well it wouldnt be fair to call him a jerk, but what a meanie face. That is all
  4. bashko said: welp, he missed out. Poor sap.
  5. hierophilic said: Oh my god no
  6. chhharl said: omg ;-; that’s pretty awkward, poor dear
  7. tybaar posted this
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